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Stress Management Tip: Take a Few Deep Breaths

The ability to manage stress is very important. I noted in a previous post on stress management that when we’re stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released in our body. In the short-term, cortisol helps the brain to cope with life-threatening situations. But when overloaded with cortisol, the brain’s neurons end up firing too frequently end up dying.

Neurons dying.. that doesn’t sound good to me.

One way we can manage our stress and keep cortisol at bay is by simply taking time, several times a day, to stop and take a few deep breaths. Especially when you’re feeling extra stressed – like when you boss just dropped a big load of work on you with a tight deadline!

Simply stop.. take a few slow.. deep – deep in the belly..  breaths. Try to focus on the feeling of the air passing through the nose. What does it feel like?  Does the in-breath feel cool on the skin?  Does the out-breath feel warmer. Focus on those feeling with each breath.  Close your eyes and continue with this for a min.. or two.

There, don’t you feel a little calmer now?  😉

Try this deep breathing stress management tip a few times a day for the rest of the week and see if it helps you have a calmer mind.

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