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A Very Cool Mental Exercise to Improve Your Memory

Memory LaneHey guys, I came across this very cool mental exercise that you can use to improve your memory, your power of observation and even help you get to sleep faster! Sound interesting? OK, so here it is..

When you’re lying in bed at night ready to fall asleep, you review what you did that day from start to finish. You start with the time you got up out of bed until the time you went back to bed.

Do this in as much detail as possible, visualizing in your mind each and every step from beginning to end.

At first, you won’t recall much detail, and you’ll probably jump very quickly from task to task or think of the day in large blocks of time. But try to slow down and remember as much as possible, in as much detail as possible.

Over time, you’ll get better and better at this and you’ll be able to remember more and more detail.

This simple mental exercise has the following benefits:

1) It will improve your memory

2) Your power of observation will improve. In fact, you’ll find yourself during the day performing a mini recall of your day thus far because you know that later that night you will be trying to recall it again.

3) You will be more in the moment throughout the day. Again, because you know you will be recalling your day later, you pay more attention to details throughout the day.

4) Your ability to visualize will improve.

5) You will improve concentration.

6) You will fall asleep faster because your mind will get tired much like counting sheep at night in order to fall asleep.

So give this simple mental exercise a try for a week and let me know what you think. 😉

Source: One Simple Mental Exercise to improve your Mind Power

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