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Online Brain Games For a Plastic Brain

Scientists have shown that our brains can change throughout our lives. This ability to change is what scientists call neuroplasticity. It is, in fact, the basis for all learning.

Over on the Sharp Brains website, Dr. Pascale Michelon writes that neuroplasticity occurs in the brain:

1- At the beginning of life: when the immature brain organizes itself.

2- In the case of brain injury: to compensate for lost functions or maximize remaining functions.

3- Through adulthood: whenever something new is learned and memorized

So, what does this mean to me? It means I don’t necessarily have to let my advancing age (over 30) negatively impact my brain function. In fact, via my brains neuroplasticity, my brain can continue to develop, grow new brain cells, and make new brain connections throughout my life. What’s needed in order for me to do this is to stimulate my brain with something new and challenging on a regular basis.

With respect to online brain games, playing challenging games can help improve many cognitive functions. Through mentally challenging activities we can train and improve memory, processing speed, decision making, alertness, periphery vision, etc. The key in playing brain games is to be continually challenged. Playing the same game at the same level eventually, loses its ability to challenge me, and thus loses its benefit from the perspective of growing and improving brain functions.

Here at the online brain games blog site we have many online brain games to continually keep you challenged. So go play some free brain games today and grow some new neurons!

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