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Brain Healthy Food and Habits

This brain healthy food video comes to us from the NBC Today Show. In the video titled “Food to Improve Memory“, nutritionist Joy Bauer highlights specific foods that can help improve memory and boost brain power. She also covers some excellent brain healthy habits that we need to pay special attention to.

Brain Healthy Food Takeaways:

With respect to brain healthy foods, the following list of foods can help improve memory and some can even help prevent and reverse brain cell degeneration. Who doesn’t want some of that!

  • Fish
  • Leafy greens
  • Berries (all, but especially blueberries)
  • Coffee (my favorite + some coconut oil for extra goodness)

In addition, she discusses the following healthy brain habits that we should all take seriously if we want to keep our brains sharp and healthy.

  • Keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Challenge your brain
  • Don’t smoke
  • Give yourself a break

The Most Important Brain Health Takeaway:

brain arteries and veinsA healthy heart makes for a healthy brain.

The key point to remember here is that all the cells in our body, including our brain, thrive on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients! Without oxygen and nutrients coming from our blood supply, our bodies cells, including vital brain cells, die rapidly.

If you think about it, that’s exactly what a stroke or heart attack is. It’s the lack of oxygen to either the brain or the heart, respectively.

A lack of blood supply to the brain is also what causes vascular dementia.

Eating a heart and brain healthy diet combined with regular exercise work together to provide for the unobstructed smooth sailing of oxygen and nutrients through our arteries and veins to the rest of our body.

A healthy heart and a healthy brain keeps the doctor away – and helps keep your mind sharp to boot!

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9 thoughts on “Brain Healthy Food and Habits”

  1. Great tips on improving brain health as well as preventing stroke and dementia! I  especially like that your tips are easy to execute. I think I'll start with trying coconut oil in my coffee.

  2. Solid advice – great antioxidants in your list that are well researched with improving overall brain health and cognitive function. Fish oils for multiple conditions are an essential. Exercise and sleep are my two favorite. Great science-backed advice here.

  3. Thanks for the healthy living tips!  I try and get as much fish, greens, and coffee as possible!  I'm not sure if my brain is healthier or not, but my energy levels stay stable and I feel great.

  4. This is such good information you are putting out. Fitness needs to be connected to brain health. People always fucus on the superfiscial things, brain health is pretty deep!

  5. This is a great reminder of a healthy lifestyle. I definitely see a difference when I don't eat healthy. Thank you

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