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Yawning can Improve Memory, Brain Fitness and overall Brain Health

Yawning turns out to be an excellent brain exercise!

I’m reading a book called “How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist”.  In the book, the author(s) list 8 brain exercises to help improve memory, brain fitness and overall brain health. The 5th brain exercise listed in the book is the simple act of yawning.

Here are 12 good reasons to yawn according to the author(s);

1)   Stimulates alertness and concentration

2)   Optimizes brain activity and metabolism

3)   Improves cognitive function

4)   Improve memory recall

5)   Enhances consciousness and introspection

6)   Lowers stress

7)   Relaxes every part of your body

8)   Improves voluntary muscle control

9)   Enhances athletic skills

10) Fine-tunes your sense of time

11) Increases empathy and social awareness

12) Enhances pleasure and sensuality

According to the author(s), “Yawning will relax you and bring you into a state of alertness faster than any other meditation technique I know of”.

Brain-scan studies have shown that yawning evokes a part of the brain called the precuneus. According to researchers, the precuneus appears to play a central role in consciousness, self-reflection, and improve memory retrieval, among other things.

The process of yawning also involves numerous neurochemicals including dopamine. This leads to yet other neurochemicals and areas of the brain which regulate and help improve memory, voluntary control, temperature regulation, pleasure, sensuality and relationship bonding.  It is hard to find another activity that so positively influences so many functions of the brain.

Conscious yawning takes a little practice and discipline. All you have to do to trigger a deep yawn is to fake it 6 or 7 times.


So go ahead and try it now… yawn 6 or 7 times.


See, don’t you feel better? I bet that last yawn was a good one too!


For more information on how yawning helps improve our brain function, as well as to learn about the other 7 brain exercises shown to improve memory, brain fitness and overall brain health listed in the book I’m reading, click on the book link below:

How God Changes Your Brain


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