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Gary DashneyWelcome to the Online Brain Games Blog website!

My name is Gary Dashney, and I'm the person behind the Online Brain Games Blog website and @Gary_Dashney twitter account.

I’m neither a neuroscientist nor a medical doctor, I’m an electronics engineer who also blogs for fun.

I love to research and write about the brain because I am so fascinated by it. Much like electronics, I've always been intrigued by how the brain works.

Why Online Brain Games Blog Website?

On this website, I used to write primarily about brain games. As I've gotten older,  keeping my brain sharp and learning how to prevent dementia and other age-related cognitive decline has become more important to me. These have now become the predominant focus of my writing.

Over the years of researching and writing about the brain, I’ve learned two very important lessons.

First, our brains are central to who we are and how we function. If our brain becomes damaged in any way, we can lose what makes us who we are – our memories, our personality. Thus, it is vital to our wellbeing that we learn how to both protect and to build our brain as we age.

Second, our brains have what’s called neuroplasticity. Meaning, they can continue to improve and grow new connections even into old age. Our brains can literally rewire themselves – old dogs can learn new tricks! This is awesome news and provides each of us with an opportunity to improve and enhance ourselves in many ways.

The focus of this website has evolved over time to become an ever growing resource of information on how to enhance, build and protect our brain for life.

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