Math fun games can indeed be fun, for both kids and adults, when they’re incorporated into fun and challenging online games. You just have to know where to look for the good ones. icon wink Math Fun Games, Can Math Games Really Be Fun?

The math fun games I find the most fun are the ones that challenge you against time and keep track of your score and progress. Start off with the easier levels like addition and subtraction, and try to get faster and faster at it. Then increase the challenge my moving on to multiplication and division.

The Online Brain Games Blog offers many free and fun online math games to play. I scour the web for such games on a continual basis and try to maintain a great list.  These games can be played by kids and adults alike. You can find our list of fun math games online by clicking here.

Many of the scientifically designed commercial online brain games available today also help make math fun by incorporating them into games. The commercial online brain game I prefer for fun math games at the present moment, and have a lot of fun playing them, is from Lumosity (click here to go directly to Lumosity).

Give the free list of online math fun games we offer here a try, and see if you find them fun too!  Click Here to Go Directly to Fun Math Games>>

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I’ve found tons of online math games. I listed the best of the online math games that I found below. Please check them out and be sure to let me know what you think.

Most of the online math games below can be played by kids who know basic math skills. They also provide a good review for adults to brush up on these math skills via brain exercises to stay mentally sharp.

If you know of any other good and fun online math games, please send the links to me and I will add them to the list.

Check back often as I will be updating this post often with new online math game links!

Note: All links below are listed alphabetically by category.

Individual Online Math Games:

KenKen – Similar to Sudoku, but with a math twist!


Number Puzzles

Reaction Math — Try to improve your time!

Speed_math – Try to improve your time!

Sudoku(Sudoku Rules and tips)

Links to Online Math Game Websites:








Remember to check back often as I will add to this list of online math games when I find more good ones!

Last updated: 12/30/09

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