Yes, it will indeed!

This kind of activity is called Neurobics, which is essentially doing things you normally do but done differently. Like brushing your teeth with the other hand, taking a shower with your eyes closed, writing with the opposite hand, taking a different route to work, etc.

What happens in your brain while you’re doing this becomes a brain exercise because different, underused nerve pathways and connections get activated. This stimulates the growth of new brain cells and brain connections.

According to the website, to be a neurobic activity it must have one or more of the following:

1) Involve one or more of your senses in a novel context.
2) Engage your attention.
3) Break a routine activity in an unexpected, novel way


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  1. ephrem temesgen @ 2009-01-23 01:53

    The facts seem interesting but why not put references /a name of a book,The man who did the stidy

  2. He gave several links with that information, isn’t that enough?

  3. Just curious if this is something that needs to be done consistently to stimulate growth because if you do a neurobic activity often wouldn’t you not be breaking the routine anymore?

  4. Hi Diamond!

    Yes, the term “use it or lose” it applies here. Studies have shown that in order to maintain neural connections, you need to use them. Using them maintains and strengthens the connections. Otherwise they will atrophy.


  5. WileyMunkin @ 2009-01-23 09:35

    I think Diamond has a good point. Being an optimist, I would like to think that consistently participating in neurobic activities would be a consistent vehicle in strengthening the brain, but I also believe that change is the only constance. It would seem to me that the body would adjust to the neurobic activities that involve using one’s inferior hand to do things. Also, there’s only so many ways someone could take to get to work. It does, however, seem likely that coming up with new neurobic activities would be a neurobic activity in itself! Hmmmm…..

  6. That is a really interesting idea and I believe, it should work as well. I read somewhere that if you change your writing style, it significantly changes your personality traits. Is it true, and if yes, how would you describe it in neural terms?

  7. Hi Wiley!

    New and novel activity stimulates the brain to create new neural connections – and that’s a good thing!

    You are right that once you get used to a specific activity (it’s no longer novel) no new neural connections are formed. However, if you stop doing that activity, those connections that were formed will atrophy over time. Hence, use it or lose it.


  8. [...] Will writing with your opposite hand strengthen your brain? According to the Brain Games Blog it will. Read up on neurobics. [...]

  9. just stumbled upon this page!

    really good information and seems like a really easy to way to increase the efficiency of the brain.

    i’ll be trying it out for sure,


  10. For those wanting to give writing with the opposite hand a try, here’s a wikihow link that shows you how to get started. It works whether you’re a righty or lefty to start with..

    Click here for the link..


  11. [...] Will writing with your opposite hand strengthen your brain? According to the Brain Games Blog it will. Read up on neurobics. [...]

  12. Nice article – loved reading it – it’s given me some good ideas. One geek point the auto URL linker has included the “,” and so makes for a 404. Easy to fix but you might want to know.

    Lord Matt’s last blog post..Lord Matt Hosting

  13. Even though it is a bit inconvenient I started to use my left hand to use the mouse. Good read!

    DemoGeek’s last blog post..Live preview of all the installed fonts on your computer

  14. Thanks Lord Matt! I have now corrected the “,” link issue..

  15. This gives me a great idea. I will tell my wife if she gets creative it will strengthen her brain LOL.

    Kiefer’s last blog post..How to add muscle mass

  16. Tzmabissamo @ 2009-01-29 08:09

    I’m not really sure what they mean by ‘strengthen’ except that if you learn a new skill and practise or associate some normally seperate things together (like music with a smell) you’ll become better at it and this is reflected by changes in your cortical neurons.

    It’s a fun idea though, it seems to be in a nutshell ‘do the things you normally do but bit differently every time’. Learning to juggle or to play a musical instrument is a great thing to do as well.

    For me it’s related to a phrase that goes something like ‘you don’t get old because time passes, you get old when you stop playing’ ;-)

  17. Gingerkid @ 2009-01-29 20:01

    What are some studies that support writing with your non dominant hand for increased brain function?

  18. Hi Gingerkid,

    That’s a fair question.

    Writing with your non dominant hand, like the post stated, builds new brain connections. This is because it is a new and novel activity for your brain. Your brain will respond by building new connections just like it did for any new task you ever learned in the past. It would be considered a neurobic activity as stated in the post. So whilst there is no known study specific to hand writing that I am aware of, there are studies with respect to neurobic activities and learning new tasks such as writing with the opposite hand.

    Here’s a link to a post quoting Duke University Medical Center regarding this (click here).

    Here’s a link to another post I wrote some time ago where I discuss learning how to juggle (a new task, a somewhat neurobic task). There was a study done with respect to learning how to juggle in that those who learned the task actually grew brain matter (brain cells). When they stopped juggling for several months, their brains shrunk. Check it out by clicking here.

  19. [...] Will Writing With The Opposite Hand Strenghten Your Brain? [...]

  20. I tried this one, to tell you the truth I was scared taking a shower when my eyes is closed but I don’t know why and i think it really does work because I feel different that day. thanks for the post.

  21. This is very interesting. I’m going to try it. I’ve always been interested in the right-hard/left-brain thing. Oddly enough, I am right-handed, but don’t really feel right-handed. I do not instinctively know my right hand, do not feel comfortable with my right-handedness. I’m not left-handed either, though. So I’ve dubbed my condition nomba-dexterous. Anyone else out there feel the way I do?

  22. alan lerner @ 2009-03-29 15:08

    I can tell you my personal story about writing with the other hand……

    ….so as a neurology resident 15+ years ago I taught myself to write with my right hand (i am lefty), “in case I ever have a stroke”.

    This came in handy in a way I never imagined when iN January of this year I fell and broke my radius and ulna on my left hand……got me through 2 tough weeks or more.
    I gues it was good in that sense…never thought about a fracture when I learned it….

  23. I think that anytime you doing something differently or new, your brain is working or creating new memory of that task which is like exercising for the brain, so I think the task mentioned in the article will surely accomplished this.

    The same thing is true about kids who start playing action/relex games. Their brains tend to react quicker to things which can result in faster learning ability.
    .-= Dark Orbit´s last blog ..Dark Orbit: Starting out =-.

  24. Good read, thanks for the info

  25. This is true, if you repeat the same old habits and never try anything new, you will never learn anything new. This is why I always love to find more than one solution to a problem.

  26. Not sure about writing with the opposite hand (just tried and it looks a mess!) but I think its a good idea to vary routines to keep the brain active and thinking all the time – this must help our brains stay young
    .-= herbal fiberblend´s last blog ..Herbal Fiberblend – Frequently Asked Questions =-.

  27. In fact all these mental excercises are based on a big awareness involvement, and that the reason for the brain cells regeneration. In same way is the same principle than in meditation.

  28. Funny I was watching a TV program about this last night on the discovery channel. Its amazing the small amount of brain potential that we utilize. Seems we are always learning new “brain hacks” to gain more processing power!

    Seith G.
    .-= Seth Gordin´s last blog ..Lift and Tilt Table =-.

  29. what does it mean strengthen my brain? Is too broad..maybe I will get better at writing with the other hand, but strengthen my brain??
    .-= Jay´s last blog ..High Powered Fat Loss Technique =-.

  30. I’ll recommend brain exercises to my boss.
    He is so stressed


  31. hey man sounds like a great and easy thing to do, i just wrote this with my left hand, and im right handed : )

  32. I’ve read that this does work. I’ve also read recommendations to try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand etc to mix things up.
    Great post!

  33. Very good blog post that covers a very interesting study. I was born left handed, but hit the end of the public school era where they trained you to be right handed – maybe that’s why my studies shot ahead of other students when I was young. I’ve heard this before, but didn’t have any sources to back it up. Thanks for the links to help my study of this interesting topic!

  34. I think with exercise our habbit writing with our opposite hand will improve our brain

  35. lol @ Brindes Corporativos. Good read btw.

  36. Neurobics don’t require paper and pen or isolating yourself with puzzles. Everyday life is the Neurobic Brain gym. They can be done anywhere, anytime in offbeat, fun and easy ways while you’re getting up, commuting, working, eating, shopping or relaxing.

  37. Taking a different route to work does another thing. It makes a person pay more attention to driving. When the drive to work becomes routine, you go into autopilot and spend more time day dreaming and thinking about other things than driving. When you have to think about where you are going you pay more attention to what is going on around you.

  38. I think that anytime you doing something differently or new, your brain is working or creating new memory of that task which is like exercising for the brain, so I think the task mentioned in the article will surely accomplished this.

  39. Hi there might I reference some of the insight here in this blog site if I reference you with a link back again on your site?

  40. The same thing is true about kids who start playing action/relex games. Their brains tend to react quicker to things which can result in faster learning ability.

  41. This does not give any scientific explanation.

  42. Really cool stuff.

  43. I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read.

  44. A good informative post that you have shared and appreciate your work for sharing the information. Got some interesting information and would like to give it a try. Appreciate your work and keep sharing your information.

  45. Nice to know about this. This is really interesting. In this way, we can exercise our brain on the first place. Good job on this.

  46. That is a really interesting article, personally believe it should work as well.

  47. I have a neurobic tennis-related item that you might find intriguing called Two-racket Tennis. It’s an exciting way for people to challenge their brain (a form of “neurobic” exercise, if you will) and body as they play a more “balanced” form of tennis. In what follows, I have several links for you to peruse at your convenience along with some background information about the two-racket game.

    Two-racket Tennis:

    Two-racket Tennis Video Link:

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    (3) Avoid backhand injuries.
    (4) Hand-eye coordination for both sides of the body.
    (5) Less back strain.
    (6) Less arm fatigue.
    (7) Greater flexibility.

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