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Simon Online Brain Game

One of my daughters challenged me last night to an online brain game called Simon.  It’s the online version of the hand held Simon concentration game. The online version of this game is a lot of fun and works both your visual and auditory memory.

The Simon game can be found here on The Online  Brain Games Blog under the page titled Free Brain Games.   I encourage you to go check it out and have some fun whilst exercising your brain cells.

So, you want to know how the challenge ended up?  My daughter beat me at Simon last night by a wide margin. My highest score was 12, but she achieved a score of 25.  That’s quite an impressive score, I do have to say!

Give Simon a try yourself and tell me what YOUR highest score is by posting it in the comment  section below.

Have fun and exercise some brain cells at the same time!!

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  3. I used to love playing this game when I was a kid and sounds like kids still find it fun! Perhaps I’ll see if my son is interested in an online game of simon says!
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  4. Arg, only a 10, but I was never any good at that game anyway. I had a friend growing up that was one of those “child prodigies” and he always schooled me in Simon when we’d play together. Thanks for the link.

  5. I remember this game. I used to be so good in this game. I used to play this simon game in highscores games websites and I used to have the top score. But now after 5 years or so I can hardly play this game. My memory is really bad now.

  6. Wow I cant remember how many times I wanted to throw this out the window aaaaaah happy days !
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  7. I scored 9 at first try. Yeah… well, this is not so good. Thanks anyway.
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  8. Another way to exercise your mind and body at the same time is physical games like hop scotch, tag, skipping, etc. They all take a certain amount of mental and physical dexyerity. And a healthy body boosts your mind too.
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  9. You are a prideful father.. I can feel your happiness in the post.. Congrats to your daughter..!

    Angeline @ marcus evans scam

  10. I read your blog and the online brain game is very popular. When i am free i try free brain games in my PC. But i play only Proprofs/games. Play free online brain games and puzzels. Free puzzle games and brain games that make you smarter. For more information about, brain games.

  11. this game is off the chain when it come to you brain power

  12. Nice game. A word game is really helpful for all ages. Well, me and my kids always play a word game called wordtrotter. We collect our points and hopefully beat the gamemsternamed harharhar, the gameboss and wrongmove

  13. Great game – educational and fun, that always works with my two boys. Kids love this game and putting online makes it work for everyone
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  14. Thanks Angeline!

  15. Another interesting post.
    Very nice blog, I will come back here more times.

    Keep updating good content.

  16. I’ve never played Simon before. I must say I love it.
    And, I got 17. For the first time, not so bad :)

  17. 15 :-)
    Not bad for my firs try, but have my 6 year old telling me where I went wrong LOL (no doubt she’ll be getting scores in the 20′s too!)

    A great little game- thanks for the link.

  18. 11 :(

    Nice game anyways !

  19. So where is the link to the game?!
    Are those pages just a spam??!!

  20. 38 after one day
    averaging 20

  21. Je vous remercie pour cet article riche en informations. Vous avez une très belle plume, bravo ! Bonne journée

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