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How Big Is Your Brain Buffer?

Let’s face it, we’re all growing older every day. If you’re over 30, Scientists say the number of brain cells you have are starting to decline. But, they also say that based on a physical behavior called neuroplasticity, our brain can grow new brain cells throughout our lives, regardless of age. The key, they say, is to continually be challenging our brains. It’s this challenge that causes the growth. Therefore, it is possible to reverse the mental decline normally brought on as we age.

Now, lets take the neuroplasticity concept one step further..

If we were to be regularly challenging our brain, our brain would respond in turn by growing new brain cells and new brain connections. By continuing this habit over time, we not only could reverse the brain-age decline normally associated with growing old, but we could actually be building what’s called a “cognitive reserve”.

This so called cognitive reserve, or brain-buffer, can help protect us against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In fact, studies such as the Nun Study have shown that even if we do contract the markers of Alzheimer’s, our cognitive reserve can help us compensate.

Nun Study Video:

So how do we go about building our brain-buffer?  Well, Alvaro Fernandez tells us how via the four pillars of brain health. To learn more about these four pillars, click here.

How big is your brain-buffer? Why not increase it’s size by playing some free online brain games?  Check out our list of free online brain games by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “How Big Is Your Brain Buffer?”

  1. very good article and video. It is amazing that some of these nuns had Alzheimers, and yet were functioning normally. This information is very interesting and important in keeping healthy.

  2. Now this is almost frightening. To think that my body will have worn out, yet I have a great looking face, thanks to surgery, I have a mind of a thirty year old and unemployed. Seriously on a positive and medical note, this is a fantastic opportunity for medical science and those who are afflicted with such a terrible disease.

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