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Free Scientifically Proven Brain Game!

brainworkshopIf I had to choose just one free online brain game, my number one pick would have to be the dual n-back game from Brainworkshop.

Let me explain why..

  • The training method used by the Brainworkshop game closely replicates the training method used by Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl in their preeminent academic study.  It is the only mental task that has thus far been scientifically proven to improve your short term memory and fluid intelligence.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that the dual n-back task also enhances focus and attention and may help improve the symptoms of ADHD/ADD.
  • The brain game can be downloaded right to your computer. Thus, you don’t need an internet connection to play it and you don’t have to worry about the manufacture website disappearing some day or anything like that. The game is yours once you download it.
  • There’s an online forum specifically devoted to the Brainworkshop dual n-back game where you can find help, game tips, and support from other users of the game.
  • It is a structured program with guidance on how many hours per week and days per week to use it?
  • The program increases the degree of difficulty in real time.  It keeps track of and charts your progress over time.

Lastly .. It’s FREE!

So go download your FREE scientifically proven brain game now by clicking here.



Susanne Jaeggi

Sharp Brains Checklist

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19 thoughts on “Free Scientifically Proven Brain Game!”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your input.
    Yes, I did check out the iPhone IQ boost application.. Darn it though, I don’t have an iPhone or iTouch!!

  2. Hey Gary,

    I’m not giving up my glass of wine, but I am definitely working on the stress aspect. It causes so much damage to the brain, as well as the body, and it’s a good thing to get a hold of.

    As for the iPhone app – no iPone here either. I’m on Sprint and use the Instinct which is in great need of some decent brain apps!


    Brain Training 101’s last blog post..Do You Need A Mind Sparke?

  3. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the comment! Me too! Stress is something I gotta work on as well. I’m thinking of trying meditation. I hope to post on my experience with it soon.


  4. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for all these games and info. I’m going to check out the Dual N Back. I’m a very good on memory (the card game) that no one plays with me anymore, this might fill out the void.

    I was wondering if there is something simple enough for a toddler to play online.These days kids start playing computer games very young. My son is almost 4 years and he plays online games of PBS kids. The games are more into teaching them color, numbers, alphabet. I think it will be good if I get my kids to do brain games from a young age.

    Anna’s last blog post..New face of Busy Mom’s blog

  5. Hi Anna!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site and commenting.

    First off, let me just say that I am not a doctor of any kind. My science degree is actually in Engineering 😉 . But I love to read, study and write about brain fitness and such, hence this blog. So please take my reply to your question with respect to your children as simply my opinion based on what I have read in my own research. Verify anything I say with your childrens Doctor of course.

    Childrens brains, still being young and immature, are growing new neural connections everyday at astonishing rates. They are learning new things every day, like how to walk, talk, new words, social skills, reading, writing, going new places, seeing new things, etc. For them, almost everything is NEW and novel. For them, everything is like a neurobic activity. Can you just imagine, all this learning and discovery is growing their brain connections at a rapid rate.

    Adults on the other hand don’t have this same level of new and novel brain challenge and activity going on. So for us, brain games and other forms of challenging our brain is much more important. That said, the younger you start such activity, the better because it can build what’s called a cognitive reserve – or brain buffer if you will – that will protect our brain from serious decay later in life.

    In my opinion.. (get that, my opinion) the best thing you can do for your children is to keep them involved in a variety of fun and varied activities. Keep those brain cells growing and connecting in new ways. Reading to them is awesome – and it helps build a lifelong habit of reading themselves. Learning a new language is awesome, so is learning a musical instrument. For that matter, learning any new skill is awesome for the brain. Sports, again awesome as physical activity has been shown to use large portions of the brain. A loving home environment – awesome. Engaging social settings often – awesome. All these things help to build early neural connections that can and will be used later in life to form yet other new and varied connections.

    Now specifically to brain games – your original question ;-). The PBS games sound great, keep them up. Because they are learning, they are brain games. Games such as Simon and Concentration (found on my site) are also good. Teaching them to memorize poems, facts, etc. at an early age is also wondrous and this memorization ability will benefit them in later life. Make it fun so they enjoy the process and don’t dread learning.

    Perhaps I have rambled on a bit here. I have a tendency to do that. Hopefully you can glean some helpful info out of it.

    All The Best,

  6. The toughest online puzzle game I have played is the Conundrum where you have to make all your blocks raise up one level… I just can’t figure it out!

  7. My 70 yr old Mother has had two strokes. One major and one minor, if you can call it minor. Anyway, she has been using the Nintendo DS hand held device and doing Brain Age 1 and 2 and we can see improvement in her memory and function! She also has Brain Boost. We got her another game, but it was too colorful, so we stick to the black and white games and low color versions b/c she does have some vision damage. Wondering others thoughts on this??? I even bought it for myself and I’m becoming more educated on the whole idea of Brain Fitness and the importance! She also does worksheets and word searches. She is faithful to them all everyday and I think she feels better knowing shes keeping her brain working, so it makes her mentally feel better and that’s great! Any thoughts or opinions?

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your great comments! I am sorry to hear about your mom’s strokes. Sounds like she is doing very well with all your assistance and help. You’re a good soul to be helping her as you do!

    I wrote a post on the Nintendo brain game some time ago. I am glad to hear that it is helping your mom.. Thats great!!

    Check out my blog site here as it contains many posts on brain fitness and things you can advise your mom to do – many of them free (neurobics, knitting, walking, socializing, etc). But it sounds like you’re doing great as it is!

    Again, many thanks for your great comments.

    GaryD (Admin)

  9. Maybe you could make changes to the page subject title Free Scientifically Proven Brain Game! to more catching for your blog post you create. I enjoyed the the writing all the same.

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