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Five Ways to Keep Alzheimers Away

CNN wrote an article on 5 ways to keep alzheimers away. One of those 5 ways was cross training your brain through brain games. "Our brains can be made stronger through exercise," says Andrew Carle, assistant professor of in the department of health administration and policy at George Mason University. "In the same way physical exercise can delay many of the effects of aging on the body, there's some evidence cognitive exercise can at least delay the onset of Alzheimer's." He went on to say in the article that "Doing a crossword puzzle every day is good, but it's the equivalent of doing only pushups — your arms will get strong, but not the rest of your body." He recommends doing other challenging mental activities in addition.

Here on the Online Brain Games Blog we have a variety of free online brain games to keep your brain active and challenged. The key to keeping your brain fit and growing new brain cells is to be continually challenging your brain. Advancing to a new level in a brain game, learning a new game or developing new strategies, learning a new language, or picking up a new hobby. These are all ways we can keep our brains challenged which helps it to grow and stay healthy.

For the full CNN article on Five Ways to Keep Alzheimers Away, click here.



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