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Brain Games Benefit You Now, and In The Future

Many people question whether the benefits of playing brain games will translate into other areas of life?  For instance, if you physically exercise with weights in the gym, you usually get stronger and can engage in other physical activities with more strength and vigor. But does this same sort of thing happen with mental exercises and playing games for the brain? Or do you just get good at the specific tasks associated with those brain games and that’s it? And if that’s the case, are they really even worth it then?

Well, I guess that depends on the specific type of mental exercise. For instance, doing a crossword puzzle might be a challenge for one person, but not another. So in the case of the later, the person is really not challenging his or her brain and therefore the benefit will be minimal. The reason for this is fully discussed in, “Online Brain Games: 5 Characteristics of Good Ones”.

Recent studies (“Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age”) have documented that mental exercises like playing online brain games do help with everyday tasks such as shopping, making meals and handling finances. In addition, they help build what’s called a cognitive reserve which is noted and discussed in the post, “How Big Is Your Brain Buffer?”. Such a reserve helps thwart the affects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia later in life.

So playing brain games can benefit you both now, and in the future.

The Online Brain Games Blog has a list of both Free Brain Games as well as Commercial Brain Games to choose from!

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