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Free Brain Games

Fun brain games, brain exercises, online brain games and game resource links – all FREE!

Listed below are links to the best of the free online brain games and brain exercises I've found.

Brain Game Apps for Android and Apple:

Limited free versions as well as in-app upgrades available.

Online Brain Games:

Memory Games

Dual N-Back — Documented I.Q. booster!

Simon Says


Cogolog — Memory game site with 14 different memory games

Board Games

Checkers(Checkers Rules and tips)

Chess(Chess Rules and tips)

Reversi — (Reversi Rules and tips)




Online Math Games – Highlight post with many links


Click The Color – Based on the Stroop Effect

Connect4 — (Connect4 Rules and tips)


Other Websites with Free Brain Games – elementary school

fun4thebrain – elementary school


mathplayground – elementary/middle school

neuroscience for kids – elementary/high school


proprofs – online flash game puzzles

Check back often as I will be adding to this list of free online brain games regularly!  If you know of others you'd like to see added, please leave a comment.

Last Updated: 09/14/16

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