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Free Brain Games

Fun brain games, brain exercises, online brain games and game resource links – all FREE!

Everyone is looking for free stuff on the web, and online brain games and brain exercises are no different. I continually scour the web looking for free and fun brain games. Listed below are links to the best of the free online brain games and brain exercises I’ve found.

Check out the fun brain games, brain exercises and free online brain games and sites listed below and let me know what you think. If you find other good ones, let me know and I’ll consider adding them to the list.

Memory Games:

Dual N-Back — Documented I.Q. booster!

Simon Says


Cogolog — Memory game site with 14 different memory games

Board Games:

Go (Go Rules and tips) — 3000yr old board game!

Checkers(Checkers Rules and tips)

Chinese Checkers (Chinese Checkers Rules and tips)

Chess(Chess Rules and tips)

Reversi — (Reversi Rules and tips)


Crosswords(Crosswords Rules and tips)



Online Math Games – Highlight post with many links


Click The Color – Based on the Stroop Effect

Connect4 — (Connect4 Rules and tips)



Other Websites with Free Brain Games – elementary school

fun4thebrain – elementary school


mathplayground – elementary/middle school

neuroscience for kids – elementary/high school


proprofs – online flash game puzzles

Check back often as I will be adding to this list of free online brain games regularly!  If you know of others you’d like to see added, please leave a comment.

Last Updated: 12/13/09