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Get Your Brain Training Done While Online

Unlike physical exercise, which is usually done off-line, brain training is something you can do online.  The web is exploding with new online brain game sites everyday. And online brain games are a great way to engage in brain training because:

  • Their fun (they’re games right), and therefore they keep you wanting to come back and play some more.
  • They can automatically change in intensity as you get better, which is important in order for the game to continue to be of benefit your brain.
  • They can be found for free all over the web (and we’ve got a ton of free online brain games and game site links located right here at The Online Brain Games Blog.
  • Their are many, many, and I mean many different types and varieties of online brain games available.

So why not check out a few of the many free online brain games available here on this site and get in some good brain training at the same time. You’ll also find a great list of  the most popular commercial brain games here too along with a brief summary of each.

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61 thoughts on “Get Your Brain Training Done While Online”

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  5. My problem with online “brain games” is that I end up gaming a little bit too long and ignore what needs to be done. Chess is probably my favorite game that exercises the brain.

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