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My 4 Pillar Brain Health Goals for 2010

As I noted in my last post, the 4 Pillars of Brain Health are all you really need to know and do in order to keep and improve your brain health and fitness.  As such, I’ll be adding activities and actions this year that touch on each of the 4 Pillars.

Listed below are the actions and activities I will be incorporating into 2010 with respect to the 4 Pillars of Brain Health.

1) Physical Exercise

My plan here is to start the one hundred push up plan. This is a 7 week plan to take you from where you are now to being able to perform 100 push ups at the end. Even if you can only perform 1 push up today (or even none), you can still start the plan.  I’ve already taken the initial test for the plan. I was only able to perform 15 consecutive push ups with proper form.

If you want to check out this plan, you can find out more by visiting the onehundredpushups website.

Once I’ve completed the 100 push up plan, my next step is to start the 200 squat plan!  Then after that, the 200 sit up plan!!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

2) Mental Exercise

I already play lots of brain games. My vision for 2010 is to be more regular with time spent playing the brain games.

3) Nutrition

I admit, I don’t really eat as healthy as I should. In 2010, my plan is to eat (or drink) more fruits and vegetables. And in general, eat less. A calorie restricted diet has been shown to improve your brain health.

4) Stress Management

Dealing with stress is so important to our brain health. High levels of stress increases you risk of contracting Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Living through this great recession, as some call it, is sure to bring on lots of stress. So all the more important that we learn how to deal with it.

Practicing meditation is perhaps one of the best things we can do to deal with stress. It not only enables you to learn how to effectively deal with stress, but it has been shown to be an excellent exercise in general for maintaining a healthy brain.

I’m currently reading a book on meditation called, Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity: How to Develop the Focus of a Warrior and the Peace of a Monk. This book presents one of the most practical and straightforward ways of learning how to meditate. I will be implementing the plan presented in the book and learning how to deal with stress and improving my overall brain health in the process.

So that’s it.. That’s my brain health and fitness plan for 2010.

What’s yours?

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